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About Breath of Love

Creator of the clothing brand Breath of Love is me, Linda Klang. I am an internationally certified Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher according to Yogi Bhajan and I have dedicated my life to teaching Kundalini Yoga. Born from my passion for Kundalini Yoga and its powerful mantras was the idea to create yoga clothes that constantly remind the practitioner of these wonderful mantras. They are beautifully designed in gold embroidering on lovely, white/natural coloured, ecological clothes.
The inspiration came to me to create white yoga clothes with “gold” mantras. I felt in the depth of my heart that this was something I should do. Creating these yoga clothes is a way for me to express the enormous gratitude I feel that I, through Yogi Bhajan, have been given access to the forceful techniques of Kundalini that have changed and given depth to my life and the connection to my true self. Creating these clothes is a way for me to give something back to the tradition that means so much to me.
For me to be able to provide people with the opportunity to dress beautifully in white with golden mantras and to be constantly reminded of this forceful technique feels like an immense gift.
Through these yoga clothes I want to help spread the powerful techniques of Kundalini Yoga while inspiring people to take care of our earth and uphold good working conditions for all people through choosing ecologically manufactured clothes. By cooperating and “in each person’s individual decision” choose to the environment’s advantage, we all affect how mother earth is doing and which development we want for our planet.
My vision is that these yoga clothes will be widely used, that they will bring happiness to all who use them, and that they will inspire people to use mantras to widen their own consciousness.
My hope is that You will enjoy wearing your yoga clothes – Breath of Love. That it will prepare you for meeting yourself. That it will help you in your Sadhana and in being your true self.
Sat Nam
Linda Klang