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Breath of Love is the brand that creates white, organic yoga clothes with embroidered gold mantras. The collection is only available in white/nature coloured fabrics, because according to Kundalini yoga, wearing white strengthens your aura and thus increases your elegance and charisma.

The fabrics are organic and certified according to GOTS, read more at www.global-standard.org. The clothes are manufactured in Sweden and Estonia in good working conditions.
The vision for Breath of Love is that you should be able to wear beautiful and comfortable yoga clothes that have been produced in good working conditions, from the planting of the cotton until finished product. And that the mantras that are embroidered on the clothes will inspire you to use the powerful technique of using mantras in your everyday life.
The clothes are created and well tested for yoga and meditation by Linda Klang, internationally certified Kundalini Yoga and meditation instructor, who dedicates her life to teaching and spreading Kundalini Yoga.