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Breath of Love

Breath of Love is the brand that manufactures beautifully white, organic and personally designed yoga clothes for everyone that practises yoga.

 “If you care for mother earth, see the meaning of powerful mantras, and want to increase your elegance and charisma, these are the clothes for you”.

 Comfortable, lovely and genuine  quality organic cotton, manufactured in good working conditions, partly in Sweden, with the powerful mantras of Kundalini Yoga in gold embroidery. The organic fabrics that are used are certified according to GOTS.
The vision for Breath of Love is that these yoga clothes will be spread and bring happiness to all who use them, and that they will inspire people to use mantras to widen their own consciousness.
Breath of Love is created by Linda Klang, internationally certified Kundalini Yoga and meditation instructor, who runs Blekinge Yogastudio and dedicatedly teaches yoga.